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         Terms and conditions 

I acknowledge that I am bound by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement, and agree to abide by them exactly. As a client of Afro health and fitness, i agree that.

  • I have consulted with my doctor prior to undertaking any exercise program.

  • I Understand That The Therapist Providing the Remedial Massage Treatment is a student Therapist under the supervision & Guidelines of Evolve College 

  • I Understand that i have read and understood the Guidelines relating to receiving Remedial Massage treatment by the Student Therapist under the supervision & guidelines of evolve college.

  • I understand that meal plans that includes meals are sold separately. 

  • I understand that consultation within the program is sold separately, pricing at $15per 30min session.

  • I understand that while undertaking the 3 Stage Home Based Training Program , I must complete 2 compulsory consultation sessions. 

  • I understand that i am required to pay for postage of the free training gear.

  • I understand that i may be required to complete an entire stage of the program prior to receiving the program for the next stage.

  • I understand that if I do not inform my trainer 3 days prior to consultation date the relevant amount required will be charged ( medical reasons exempted,provided there is a medical certificate).

  • I indemnify Afro health and Fitness against and from all expenses, damages, cost, liabilities, claims and from loses of any kind of whatsoever that Afro health and fitness incurs arising from accident,damage,injury or death to any person caused by me. 

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